Anti-Vandal Cabins

On any kind of industrial facility or construction site, it is important that you provide your employees with reliable protection against theft and vandalism. The anti-vandal cabins that the Steeles Containers team can provide are hard-wearing and practical units. They can provide a cost-effective security solution for all kinds of properties and project sites.

Here at Steeles Containers, we can provide completely secure cabins for use on a range of industrial and worksites. These units can provide complete protection against the threat of theft or vandalism on your site. All of the toughened steel cabins that we can provide are virtually impregnable and come equipped with a range of security features.

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    Why Does Your Industrial Facility or Construction Site Require Anti-Vandal Cabins?

    Unfortunately, construction sites and industrial facilities are some of the most common targets for vandalism and other criminal activities. If you want to protect your property and your employees, it is essential that you equip yourself with anti-vandal cabins.

    These near-impregnable units can be essential overnight when protecting keys to buildings and vehicles across your site. They can also be used as security cabins to allow for a comfortable and practical space for your security personnel to protect your facility overnight. You can also use these extremely secure units to protect site plans and other sensitive information overnight.

    Anti-vandal cabins can also be used to provide your employees with a range of unique spaces across your industrial or construction site. We can deliver cabins which will provide secure canteens and offices to make your property more comfortable and practical for your employees.

    What are the Benefits of Anti-Vandal Cabins from Steeles Containers?

    Here at Steeles Containers, we know just how important quality anti-vandal cabins can be to your property’s security. Just some of the great benefits provided by these security units include:

      • Complete Security – Thanks to their hard-wearing design, these anti-vandal cabins are able to offer complete security. Wrapped entirely in tough steel to resist all kinds of damage, these solutions can also deliver additional security features – including:
        • Multi-Locking, Personnel Door.
        • Steel Window Shutters.
        • Anti-Jemmy Edges.

    Each of these features is designed to improve the security of your cabins. As a result, they are resistant to almost all forms of forced entry and will not suffer damage due to aggressive vandalism.

    • Act as a Deterrent – The site of well-protected security cabins on-site can act as a deterrent to all kinds of vandals and criminals. If your property or construction site looks like it has paid a great deal of attention to its security, would-be criminals are more likely to look for easier targets.
      • Practical Spaces for Daily Use – Despite their spartan exterior, these units are fully equipped to provide a comfortable space to your employees. At Steeles Containers, we can provide individual anti-vandal units in addition to modular constructions. These linked modular units all provide a secure environment but can easily be linked together to create a practical office on-site.

    In addition to modular anti-vandal properties, we can also create individual space which are equipped with the same anti-vandal features to prevent unwanted access.

      • Resistant to Vandalism – Thanks to the hard-wearing nature of the toughened steel, you will be able to deal with any vandalism which does occur extremely quickly. There are few impacts on the steel which will make a mark, making it very difficult to practically damage the steel shell of these cabins.

    The steel is also resistant to all forms of paint and spray-paint. That means you will easily be able to clean any graffiti off the surface in just a matter of minutes.

    For Anti-Vandal Cabins in Cumbria and the North West, Call Steeles Today

    Here at Steeles Containers, we can provide a comprehensive range of anti-vandal cabins for all kinds of industrial spaces and worksites. Whether you’re looking for a practical solution to your on-site needs or you want to prevent vandalism and theft, these solutions are perfect for you.

    All of the security cabins that we can provide meet all relevant legislation. Our models are resistant to the effects of the weather and can prevent all kinds of anti-social activity. They are equipped with full electrical systems in addition to lighting solutions to create a comfortable and secure atmosphere.

    We can also provide anti-vandal units in a variety of colours. This way, you can create comfortable and secure environments which can reflect your brand identity whilst working on-site.

    For more information on the hard-wearing nature of our modular units or anti-vandal cabins, get in touch with our team today. You can reach our anti-vandal specialists today, by calling us directly on 0800 019 3577. If you prefer, you can make the most of our quick and easy online contact form, and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.

    Anti-Vandal Cabins

    Anti-Vandal Cabin Cumbria

    Anti-Vandal Cabin Layout


    • Fully Insulated with Rockwool & Lined with 9 mm faced melamine board
    • 2mm Poly flooring
    • Multi-locking Personnel Door
    • 900 mm x 900 mm Sliding Windows & Steel shutters
    • Double Sockets
    • 2 Kw thermostat convection heater
    • Fluorescent lighting (Category 2 Lighting available)
    • Notice Board & Coat Hook
    • Full electrical installation-NIC EIC certified
    • Jacklegs – Optional
    • Canteen Units are identical to Office Units apart having a Sink, Base Unit, Hot Water Heater & Worktop fitted
    • AutoCAD Design service available

    Other Standard Sizes available: 10’ x 8’, 28’ x 9’, 32’ x 10’ & 40’ x 12’, also any size is possible.

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    Anti-Vandal Modular Linked Units

    Anti-Vandal Modular Linked Units


    • Flooring: 3m x 1200mm x 15mm Ply covered with 1.5 XL Vinyl
    • Studding 50 x 50 Timber to all walls and ceilings
    • Insulation: 90mm Fiberglass quilt to side and gable and 40mm Cavity slabs to roof
    • Roof panels: 3 m x 1200mm white mono
    • Walls:9mm vinyl faced chipboard
    • Skirting: All Timber painted
    • Doors & Windows: Trimmed in 25mm x 25mm Plastic Angle
    • Exterior Paint Specification: Fully primed in and out and finished with Top Coat (in colour of choice)
    • Full Electrics: Double Sockets, Category 2 Fluorescent lighting and 2 Kw convection heaters
    • Full electrical installation-NIC EIC certified
    • AutoCAD Design Service Available

    Furniture not included

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